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National Black Movie Day is Saturday, February 17, 2024.

Let's Celebrate Together


On this day, we come together as a community to support Black filmmakers and storytellers. By doing this, we contribute to a more inclusive and equitable film industry. Let's use #NationalBlackMovieDay to amplify these important voices and stories that resonate with so many and share American culture.

The Team

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Agnes Moss

Founder | President

Michael Wood

Brand Director

Stacey Speller

Director of Education

"Beyond Time"

"National Black Movie Day does a great job ensuring that future generations are aware of the contributions of Black Americans in film. It's beyond time."



"The National Black Movie Association events have truly been invigorating, uplifting and powerful as they have portrayed African Americans in a positive light. I’m constantly looking for more opportunities to participate in their events!"


"Brought Exposure"

"National Black Movie Association is an amazing non profit organization that has helped aid my collegiate education at Howard University. I am grateful for the HBCU Reel opportunity because it brought exposure to my first short film"

Film Student
Agnes Moss

“A message from the founder about NBMA”

  1. “National Black Movie Day”

    There is public outcry due to the lack of diversity in Hollywood, especially after many Black filmmakers are overlooked during awards season. National Black Movie Day is conceived.

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  2. “Private National Black Movie Day holiday ”

    The Black community feels overlooked and ignored yet again during awards season. As a show of solidarity, the first private National Black Movie Day holiday was observed in Washington, DC with family and friends of the creator, Agnes Moss.

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  3. "Second private National Black Movie Day holiday"

    Statistics show only 31 individual directors are Black representing 4.7% of directors in Hollywood. There is a need for policy changes in Hollywood to increase representation among minorities, including women and Black creatives. The second private National Black Movie Day holiday is observed in Washington, DC including Black storytellers in the film community to discuss representation in Hollywood. A film club is established during this observation to celebrate Black films and filmmakers.

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  4. "Becoming An Organization"

    An idea is conceived by National Black Movie Day Creator, Agnes Moss, to create an organization that will support aspiring Black filmmakers with access and resources for film projects while providing a platform for Black creatives.

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  5. "#ReelHBCU Challenge"

    The National Black Movie Association is established on July 1st. The #ReelHBCU Challenge is created to share the talent of filmmakers attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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  6. "The first public National Black Movie Day"

    The first public National Black Movie Day celebration is held in Washington, DC. The first #ReelHBCU Challenge Winner is awarded a $5000 scholarship. Soon after, the pandemic shuts down operations for the National Black Movie Association indefinitely.

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  7. "The second public National Black Movie Day"

    The film industry experiences a financial crisis during the pandemic as film projects and releases are postponed due to the pandemic. Movie streaming services increase by 14%, adding 1.3 billion new subscriptions. The second public observation of National Black Movie Day is virtual with the second #ReelHBCU Winner awarded a $3000 scholarship.

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  8. "he Urban Cinephiliacs Film Club"

    As movie theaters reopen following the pandemic, the National Black Movie
    Association establishes the Urban Cinephiliacs Film Club for members. Three #ReelHBCU Challenge Winners are awarded a $5000 scholarship on the third annual National Black Movie Day.

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  9. "The fourth National Black Movie Day"

    The fourth National Black Movie Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in February. Membership to the National Black Movie Association is expanded to Washington, DC, Atlanta, Georgia and Durham, NC. Black filmmakers, film stakeholders, film enthusiasts and members of the creative community are invited to apply.

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  10. "5 years Celebration"

    The National Black Movie Association will celebrate 5 years, and you are invited! National Black Movie Day will be observed on Saturday, February 17, 2024. Stay tuned for details.

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