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Who is National Black Movie Association?

The National Black Movie Association is a multi-faceted organization focusing on diversity and inclusion opportunities for African Americans within the film industry. The organization is purposed to advocate for the underserved community through


Why We Exist...


$ Amount of Black Film Revenue in Top 100 Films


Black Male Directors


Black Female Directors


Directors of Photography

Source:   The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative 2019 Report


Founded in 2019, National Black Movie Association’s mission is simple, but not easy:

To comprehensively empower Black film professionals and viewers, on and off the silver screen.

National Black Movie Association is committed to three main objectives:

  1. To collect in-depth Black movie consumer data,
  2. To champion emerging and aspiring Black filmmakers and film professionals and contribute to the necessary resources required to advance careers in the film industry, and
  3. To curate valuable information and news in order to better educate, inform and expose the general public to more Black films.

We need your support in our effort to increase African American storytelling on the big screen. From large corporations to the individual moviegoer, we invite you to join us!

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February 18th, 2023

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