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African Americans have a rich history in the film industry. Dating as far back as 1916, race (Black) films have shaped American culture. African American directors, actresses, writers and producers of color have painted our world with their unique storytelling abilities and influence. On National Black Movie Day ™, we salute Black filmmakers who continue to inspire and encourage the global community.

In 2018, box office revenue was a record $11.9 billion in the United States alone. But, how much did African Americans contribute to that revenue? Exact figures or data for the African American moviegoer or specifics of how those dollars benefit the African American community aren’t readily available. The African American community has a collective spending power of over $1.3 trillion dollars and are consumers of entertainment. On National Black Movie Day ™, become more aware of your spending habits. Are you a consumer of African American films?

The African American community takes pride in its culture and our filmmakers continue to influence and impact society on a global scale. National Black Movie Day ™ is an annual holiday to recognize the stories in our community that move us to tears, spark uncontrollable laughter, and help us explore the most thought-provoking questions in life. Our films have evolved over the last century, but one thing remains the same: African American cinema’s contribution to the culture at large is undeniable.

More of our stories deserve to be told and seen! The most important goal of National Black Movie Day ™ is to advocate for increased recognition of African American talent within the film industry. There are many corporations and community organizations who value Black films. National Black Movie Day ™ is an opportunity for businesses to show support for the African American community by raising awareness of Black films, create new initiatives and fund scholarships.

National Black Movie Day™ is an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to gain access and resources to the industry and an opportunity for the community to reinvest in Black talent. Join National Black Movie Association in awarding over $5000 to Historically Black College and University students aspiring to become filmmakers.


National Black Movie Day™ is about Legacy!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Information!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Celebration!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Advocacy!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Scholarship!

The National Black Movie Association pledges to continue the legacy of Black films by advocating for Black films and filmmakers, providing and sharing information for and about Black movie consumers, celebrating Black film excellence and generating resources and scholarships for aspiring Black filmmakers.

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